where i write from

when i read a thing on the internet i often wonder about the state of the writer when he or she wrote it. 

i imagine donny or robyn sitting at a kitchen table in the middle of the night with some really yummy snack that may or may not have been free,

meg or camilla in really stylish casual clothes in a beautiful sunny living room with a cup of tea,

nico on a plane hunched over and projectile-y writing because there is so much to say,

amanda ameer slightly drunk in an old leather chair with a glass of chardonnay or whatevs and laughing the entire time,

will in a desk chair at a clean desk with notes, an outline, google, his thinking cap, and a cup of water.


above is where i write from. in my bedroom, it is half desk/half vanity and it is where all sorts of thoughts and things run around my person. i usually write first thing in the morning with a cup of black coffee, non-ideal posture, and morning music playing {sometimes i get too excited and can't wait to write everything down so i forget the music and coffee}. this morning it was my mid-may playlist. depending on when the inspiration strikes me, i could be fully dressed and ready for the day, i could be just out of the shower and still in a robe, i could be alternating mascara and blush with photo editing and word barfing and gchatting with mum. occasionally i write at night, at which point i pump up da steve reich or edith piaf and pour some red velvet tea or wild tea vodka or both. i try to keep it luxurious.