my ginger curry milkshake brings all of the manhattanites to the nethermead.

 i was a big gay girl at googa mooga yesterday and it was a total blast!!
do you think becoming a career milkshake wench would be a good use of my music degree?
 what was the opposite of a blast was emerging from the tent after my shift in need of 
some proper protein and seeing nothing but lines. oy vay!
 maria saved my life with a little porchetta sandwich and a blue ribbon chicken wing. and then i indulged in a mini coconut popsicle before booking it to the greenmarket for some cider and snackees so that i wouldn't fall over on the twelve mile bike ride home.
but, like, i don't know what i was expecting. crowds like this...
make me want to assume the fetal position, cover my ears and eyes, and click my red shoes, wishing to be back in bed again. it was like one of those nightmares where you're chasing the big man made of mac and cheese and you want to eat him but he's juusssttt out of reach. 
so close yet so far. so starving. it's pancake time.