gnarly buttons.

for my birthday getup, i doctored up this american apparel dress with
buttons that i found at my new favorite place on the east side,
tender buttons. the shop sells just about every single kind of button
that you didn't think existed. it makes me have more faith that a
mustard shop can survive. four of the buttons that i got for my dress
are from the 1950s and they illustrate "sing a song of sixpence," and
the fifth button is a gold one made in france that is pierrot lunaire!
i am so smitten with my finds. all on one dress, you'll find my loves
of pie, rhymes, princesses, birds, song, and atonal sad clown creeps!
p.s. i am not responsible for the title of this post. i wish i were
because i very much enjoy the sound of these words together.
gnarly buttons is the title of john adams' piece for clarinet and 
chamber ensemble. if you do not know it, i recommend you get to know it. 
here, james plays it. clean shaven and all.