getting real

{a breakfast quesadilla! the best way to use up breakfast taco party leftover ingredients. and how colorful and photogenic she is!}
can we talk about how grossly inappropriate my food habits are sometimes? and how eating pretty and delicious and totally highbrow food is absolutely not my norm? i mean, ok, i guess it makes sense why it sometimes appears this way. i absolutely spend energy over making pretty food prettier and i enjoy eating and telling. but it's time i began admitting the rest... for example, my daytime food the past two days: a pack of trader joe's crumpets that sat on my desk until one by one i microwaved them all {22 seconds on high yields the best results, i found} and then used them as vestibules for hummus or peanut butter or sometimes both at the same time. you know how they say desks often have more bacteria than a toilet seat? i'm convinced mine has more bacteria than a pukey port-o-potty at like bonnaroo. my dinner last night was a mixing bowl filled with scorched chow mein noodles that were probably left in my cabinet from two roommates ago, topped with a spoon of peanut butter and soy sauce. and sriracha. like, wtf, it was so good, and then i ate it all and wanted to die i was so ashamed. as an appetizer i discarded the innards of these gross veggie steamed buns that had been frozen for probably decades and then only ate the doughy part. oy! none of this is my fault, sometimes i get too hungry to make decisions so i make bad ones. that is all.