the little seder that could.

an orange on our plate.
all set!
jonswik's seder number two.
edamame hoe-moose, guacamole hoe-moose. slutty mooses.
stoopie and the herb.
brisket, egg, and cheese*
*i know
mummy and the spinach!
no spanx.
almond butter cookies, macaroons, boozy wine marshmallows, marshy cookies.
 i've had some wonderful seders in new york these past few years. {including this simply absurd one.}
but being at home for the first passover in a while,
and getting to gossip and sip vodka with stoopie,
and not being afraid to eat everything on the seder plate out of order whenever i want...
oh yes, there is something special about that.
my contributions to our feast were almond butter cookies, macaroons, and homemade marshmallows that mum insisted on spiking with manischewitz. but i basked in the yumminess of roasted brussels sprouts with walnuts, cranberries, and mustard vinaigrette, a few bites of brisket, and marshy's fluffy matzoh balls in roasted vegetable broth...
this morning, i woke up to the smell of hot cross buns rising. and now mum is making matzoh brei.
oh, the joys and sillyness of being home!