this morning i awoke from the dream that is miami in the spring time.
i was sunburnt and sandy,
a bit more chubby,
and happy as can be.
minus the sunburnt part, it was absolutely the greatest.
over the sometimes-rainy-but-usually-sunny past four days,
i spent time with some of my favorite people,
figured out my life plan,
became an expert kayaker {met a few dolphins in the process},
and took in most of my calories shortly before sunrise. bad, bad molly.
you know what it was? it was that stupid happy state that people get in when they're, like, in love-- i was as happy with my favorite people eating a prosciutto and fresh mozzarella croissant from sandwicherie in the wee hours of the morning as i was sitting in a car in traffic driving an hour to pick up two kegs of yeungling as i was watching that fantastic performance of turangalîla.
i couldn't have asked for anything more except for my sunglasses that rob lost somewhere in the ocean. whatever! here's an embarrassing photo of him as payback:
it is officially time for detox week to begin.