three things i learned yesterday:
1. always trust a genghis barbie
2. greenpoint is in fact not a very long schlep from my hood
3. why don't all vodka shots come with currant syrup and tabasco sauce?
karczma is the type of place where people talk about their deaths,
you know, like, i feel like i could die right now... but that would be ok. one of those places, a last meal earth option, if you will. which is ironic because while you're there, you eat a lot of dead... soooo muuuchhhhh deaddddd. i couldn't even count all the types. but my favorite was definitely the hunter's bacon! it was thicker and meatier and not as smokey as your typical breakfast type. my other favorites were non-meat: the potato pancakes {ohjazz, they were crisptacular and candy-like with the apple sauce.} and the pickle soup {which is fitting for my new obsession with pickles. i'll trade you a pickle for a nickel.} and the aforementioned vodka shot {sweet, boozy, and then literally the best burn ever-- squats ain't got nuthin on it.} 
you'd think one would complete a meal here and want to roll around on the floor and not get up for a week. on the contrary, i woke up and ran the fastest mile of my life. perhaps it was because i was with a veteran of the place who kept telling everyone to pace themselves. it was like, meat coaching. it was great. so great.
worth the trip to that far off land.