the jg bottlekey

{this ad was paid for by future tacos}
i love a good combination gadget: the spork, the swizzle stick, flashlights that also have compasses, donut burgers... so it's no wonder i love the jg bottlekey by jg percussion! it has everything i need to: (1) tighten and loosen my drum heads, (2) open a bottle of ginger ale, and (3) open a bottle of beer for my friends in the practice room. it fits nicely in my pocketbook and it is even engraved with the initials of my favorite surfing, stick-making, taco-eating buddy, mr. jason ginter. {see his interview here.} if you're a drummer and you like drinking things out of bottles and you like saving space on your keychain, this is a no-brainer. order yours here.