happy birthday, rob!

if you do not know me personally {or even if you do}
you probably think that rob is my 
he is none of those. 
though we've already agreed that his nuggets will call me 
aunt molly and mine will call him crazy uncle rob.
rob is one of the first people i met at juilliard,
he has always been there to encourage me,
to tell me i'm being silly,
to help me with what-the-ef-i'm-gonna-do-with-my-life,
and to shut me up when i say something like "omg juicy couture."
when i went through the great break up of '08 and refused to eat,
he delivered me salami sandwiches and o.j. and said all the right things*. and then put in a good word for me with the hottest straight dancer at juilliard.
*he always says all the right things anyways.
and speaking of sandwiches, we took a cross-country sandwich tour road trip later that year in his little vw bug. it was so cute.
one day we will live like they do in big love where we dwell with our respective spouses in houses that join in the backyard.
i can't imagine life without the rob.
so here's to you, rob tickler!
happy 25th birthday!!!!