the groggy girl's breakfast pizza

{what i'm eating now}

i normally spit in the face of recipes advertised as quick and easy. but today is a lazy day and lazy days call for lazy measures. i present to you, 
the easiest breakfast pizza ever:
1. oven to the highest it goes + pan with some olive oil set on the stove.
2. brush a trader joe's flatbread on both sides with olive oil.
3. top it with salt, pepper, tomatoes, cheese {manchego!}, sausage if you're ballsy/chicken if you're a pansy like me.
4. crack an egg onto the hot pan and remove it from heat after just a few seconds. {this is to ensure that the whites don't ooze everywhere}. put it on the flatbread.
5. bake for 15ish minutes, or until the clear part of the egg is all white.
6. finish with some olive oil, crushed red pepper, and basil {bonus points if the basil is from your windowsill herb garden}.
7. coffee. enjoy!