a few things

 1. pops visited for a total of 24 hours.
we dined at má pêche and i had my first bite of lobster.
it was less bad than i imagined it. 
2. finally i can paint my nails.
this one is called caught with my khakis down.
which is a really slutty name.
but i've been real obsessed with this color for months and finally
bought it as a little giftee to myself upon completing the show.
3. the saturation has even been decreased
and look at the color of those chips.
this was taken at roti roll at approximately 2:30 in the am,
right before i put these alllll in my belly.
they were warm and chewy and so goddamn spicy.
4. this is a sketch of calantha's costume by the fabulous 
susan hilferty. one day i will frame it and hang it on the door
to the walk-in closet in my future home. it will remind me to 
dress like a princess every single day.