gingerbread mustard.

meet the newest {and possibly most expensive} addition to my collection. it's one of those things you see at the bedford cheese shop that you can't not get, and it's really quite lovely.
on first taste and smell it's difficult to spot the gingerbread, and it doesn't help that the ingredient list is the opposite of specific, featuring a very vague "...aroma, spices."
but when you take a moment to put the jar on your face like a gas mask and breath in ever so slightly, you get it. right at the front of your nose. and then again, when you spoon feed it to yourself for a third time, you really get it. {à la those BAM "and then it hits you" subway ads, i hope you know what i'm talking about} ...which isn't what you'd expect, but it's playing hard to get and i like it.

it's also rather dry and smokey. i put it on a salami sandwich, but i think the flavor will mesh better with something more mild, like turkey. i really don't want to go through this mustard too quickly, but at the same time i do so that i can use the pretty jar as a pencil cup!