from the stage

at times in the show
i have to stand on the balcony
and watch the play unfolding below me.
no itching or coughing or biting my nails allowed.
just... stone-faced, watch the girl go crazy,
and do nothing about it {save for a dramatic waterphone note when she 
*spoiler-alert* faints}.
it's a really great way to experience the play
for like the first seven times.
but now it is like a random thoughtfest in my brain.
so in the unlikely chance that you've seen the show
and have looked up during the booby scene and thought:
gee, i wonder what waterphone girl is thinking right now,
here are some recent ones:
1. holy bejeezus guacamole i want a scrambled egg sandwich from
the australia dairy company.
3. all the different colors i am going to paint my nails once the run is over.

4. mia will be six soon!
5. that little fast repeating descending violin moment in the last track on the new punch brothers cd...
6. sometimes i feel more like myself when i am at my desk,
emailing, answering calls, writing, and interacting with people.
other times i feel more like myself when i am in my
little bubble, playing the waterphone and not talking.
7. hong kong, paris, california, israel, milan? marc jacobs,
hong kong, hong kong... pastrami...
*oh no oh no... here it comes... waterphone!!!*