there were so many opportunities for the waitstaff at zenkichi to make me feel like a bimbo. like, when i put my limited japanese vocabulary to use {i can say hello and thank you and small lonely object}, and when i asked to substitute the mushroom thing on the vegetarian omakase for a chicken thing. i would have made me feel like a bimbo. but instead, the waitpeople were outstandingly accommodating and lovely and every one of my midwestern-twanged arigatos got an excited don'ttouchmymustache in response. 
i was in love even before i got the house made tofu and super sweet yummy sake. 
and potato mochi donuts. that came with just enough spicy mayo.
and the most classy onigiri i ever had.
and...frozen black sesame mousse!!!!! it was so good it deserved italics.
 this meal was such a delight.
i mean, just look at how delighted i look.
and then when you factor in the private little coops that are equipped with little bells that ring the waitress, 
the possibilities to use the garnish to give yourself bunny ears without being embarrassed in front of strangers are endless.
this is the kind of place i'd want to have my birthday party at.

zenkichi is in williamsburg on north 6th and wythe.