note to self

dear molly-of-two-days-ago:
if you don't stay in and nurse that nasty cough back to health,
and order the cheap wine to accompany your fried pizza,
and then proceed to accidentally stay out until the morning time
playing bocce ball in brooklyn with rob,
and then make a little stop in times square on the way home 
during a snow storm,
you will wake up the next morning with a full blown nasty cold.
and you will be forced to take shot after shot of dayquil,
chased by about four different batches of matzo ball soup.
 you'll also be forced to stay in and make peanut butter sandwich cookies 
{using the treats truck recipe}
and you will be coughing coughing all through sunday football.
and guess what!
it will all be worth it and your friends will take care of you
and, yes, a complete stranger will give you a high five 
because he thinks you're pretty.
in two days you will be tired and you will have a hurty throat,
but you'll have a fun little grin on your face because this weekend
was magnificent!