1. can we all take a moment to look at this menu and brainstorm how in the world anyone could have come up with it without being under some sort of influence?
2. center: fries with butter and soy sauce.
a. is this a joke?
b. why didn't anyone come up with this sooner?
c. three weeks of my life were just removed but it was worth it.
3. unlimited wasabi mayo, honey mustard, little pickles, and lotsa other stuff. the thing is, nothing really needed additional condiments because it was all so good on its own. however, wasabi fries dipped in wasabi mayo are a ball!
4. the hot dog i had was the terimayo {teriyaki + mayo + seaweed + onions, pictured at the top of this post}. it was amazing. the bun was thick and doughy, and the dog was big and juicy. i wanted to try all of the different ones that my friends got, but i was unwilling to trade a bite of mine... so i will just have to go back a million gazillion more times.

everybody, go here.
it is a little difficult to say this as a chicagoan, 
but i think japadog is the best hot dog place in the world.