interview: kyle brightwell

some time during 2008, kyle discovered that if ever i was mad at him {which happened quite a bit}, he could compliment me on my hair and everything would be fine. he got away with stealing a lot of cymbals from my setups that way. regardless of that, he is one of my favorite humans, and i am so proud of him because as of last week, he is part of the boston symphony orchestra! 
here is a little interview with him:

what was the first thing you ate after you won the bso audition?
  mcdonald's, 6am. only thing vegetarian-friendly was a hash brown. regretted it immediately.

did you ever feel like you were going to vom during the audition?
almost constantly.
malletech browns or innovative rusts or the american drum convertabell mallets?
oh you're just asking for it with this one. i strongly endorse all american drum crotale related products.

if you could choose any processed cheese product, such as kraft singles or ez cheese, to be endorsed by, which would you choose?
never had a thing for processed cheese. however, i am desperate to be endorsed by the forever lazy {available by calling 877-291-8657, or visit, or at all bed bath & beyonds}. pelase check out the dope infomercial as well. mckay and i used these to sleep/practice in for audition prep. we think there is something magic in that made-in-china fleece-wear.

 using three words, describe how you felt after that juice cleanse you did in july.
i'd like to make this funny, but honestly, that experience was the best.  accomplished, whole, zen.

who was the best cook in the juilliard percussion department when you were here?
aww molly wants a shoutout.  who else??  the incomparable YEH.

thanks, kyky!!!


{photo by kevin wong}