interview: evan shinners

there are three types of people that wear sunglasses inside:
blind people, assholes, and evan shinners.
at sunrise you may find him reading rameau and drinking whisky,
and he once climbed inside of a piano to play beethoven backwards at the moma. his album, @bach, was released last month. 
mniy: if thelonious monk and j.s. bach arrived for brunch on sunday morning, what would you cook for them?
es: i'd encourage them to drink raw eggs and stand on their heads while i sang to them katy perry.
what was the last food you dreamt about?
i had a dream about ray charles appetizers. i tweeted about it actually. we had different singers for lunch, including van morrison dim sum.
what is in your ideal reception spread?
different types of pu-er teas, preferably from 1985-1998, to wash down caviar-- mostly black or taiwanese.
if the reception spread sucks, what do you eat after a concert?
i usually waltz with the loal girls and drink japanese whisky alone in my hotel rooms.
thank you, evan!