first of all, f.m.l.

here is a pizza at great lake.
the thought of waving down a server to ask
for a paper napkin to blot the absurd amount of grease
gave me anxiety. however the cheese and tomato sauce were
delicious!! but was the two hour wait and that awkward
moment of realizing that it is b.y.o.b. after being seated
better than sitting in my jammies and telephoning lou mal's?
probably not.
better than keste?
i don't think so.
a sit with stoop's doggie, audrey.
a boozy lunch at longman & eagle.
another lunch at urban belly.
{short rib fried rice,
piggy cilantro potstickers,
the best edamame i ever had...}

happy 2012, everyone!
i am back in new york. these photos are from my last
few days in chicago, spent in the city, crashing at
stoopie's. and getting fat!