yardbird {hong kong}

referencing momofuku to describe a restaurant is like a tv show being advertised as "sex and the city meets whatever whatever." does that make any sense? in other words, it should just never happen. but of course the possible exception arises when a restaurant on the other side of the world kind of resembles noodle bar, has a forward-thinking asian-influenced menu, and leaves the vegetarian guest with few options... and so one has to ask, at which point chef says "no i h8 david chang." for real, that happened. 
the vibe was so so hip. it was like an alternate universe: an entirely western staff, hong kong's most casually stylish people, and a local beer selection of rare asian brews whose names escape me but hey this isn't the distilled life. oh and did i mention i went there on thanksgiving? so at least i had bird: hong kong chickens! and more parts of the chicken than i ever thought i'd eat. chicken oyster, chicken liver, chicken liver mousse, chicken neck... it was a nose-to-tail yakitori dream feast. additionally, i ate cauliflower for the second time in my life. k.f.c., or korean fried cauliflower-- it was more like if panda express did cauliflower in that melty saucy delicious fried way. i liked it lots. the chicken meatball skewer was accompanied by a special sauce with an egg yolk floating around, and the chicken liver mousse was served with milk bread {!!!!} those won me over. the chicken oysters were tasty, but texturally confusing. in my excitement that me and my two dates secured two of the last orders left for the evening, i think i et them too quickly to really appreciate them :-( the sweet corn tempura balls were fun, and the chicken and egg fried rice was pretty delicious. the meal involved a ton of really moist, really tasty chicken. it was almost too much animal, but it made me excited about chicken. excited about chicken!
i mean who gets excited about chickens when you can get excited about pigs?
and i'm glad he did because it was a tasty meal.
{that is a chicken oyster}
yardbird is in sheung wan, hong kong.