shameless loves, by feifei

{lou mal's, f yeah!}
things that feifei loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. using my baby sisters as an excuse to buy ice cream
2. rekindling my love for mcdonald's
3. using christmas and thanksgiving as excuses for trying and buying wine.
4. buying coffee in the morning even though there's free coffee brewing at work.
5. "forgetting" my packed lunch so i'd "have to" get lou malnati's for lunch.
6. fangirling about klaine
7. watching hulu every night instead of getting 6 hours of sleep
8. wearing my ravenclaw hat every day...and don't take it off until i'm in my office.
9. geeking out and being too enthusiastic at work
10. buying a new wardrobe for my trip to europe just so I won't get judged for "dressing american"

thank you, feifei!!!!!
who says you can't celebrate no shame december?