shameless loves, by courtney

things that courtney loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. eating the leftover-from-halloween reese's peanut butter cups i hid from myself in the freezer that are so solid i almost crack my teeth on them.
2. reading blogs instead of vacuuming. or dusting. or doing the dishes.
3. dressing my daughter in outfits that coordinate with mine when we go out somewhere just in case the sartorialist happens to be in my tiny little town.
4. wearing my favorite brown sweater, embarrassingly purchased at forever 21 eight years ago, so much that my elbows are starting to poke through but figuring elbow patches will make it even cuter.
5. pretending that all of the clothes on my pinterest board were actually in my closet.
6. ordering a nonfat pumpkin spice latte from starbucks and acting like i have to think about it when they ask if i still want whip. (um, duh.)
7. calling my mom every. single. day.
8. watching king of queens reruns every night even though i've already seen every episode. at least twice. love me some jerry stiller!
9. heels. pretty much every day. even when i was pregnant.
10. taking home my veggie tempura roll from the sushi bar at hy-vee and daydreaming that i live a super swanky life in a way swankier place than i actually do.

thank you, courtney!
who says you can't celebrate no shame december?