shameless loves, by cliff

things that cliff loves
{but really probably shouldn't}
1. putting the tv on mute and adding my own words to television shows and commercials...not gonna lie, the dialogue i make up is extra vulgar and out of pocket, but it's pretty funny ( me at least)
2. reading and watching anything anthony bourdain is a participant of/in.... i swear i wish that man was my uncle
3. listening to the jackson 5 christmas album anytime of the year.... yes i know it might be july and 80 degrees outside, and i'm singing "have yourself a merry little christmas" in 9-year old michael jackson falsetto....don't judge me.
4. judging restaurants by the type of lemonade they serve...
5. eating peanut butter cookies ONLY if they have criss-cross fork marks in them...
6. looking up old clips of michael jordan from the 90's....he was so great!
7. rooting against the detroit lions every sunday. i was a die-hard fan back in the day, but when barry sanders retired, the team broke my heart.
8. randomly singing cannonball adderley solos note-for-note
9. habitually lifting my feet when i'm in car crossing train tracks...even if i'm driving. in 3rd grade, my best friend told me that the devil lives on the train tracks and will try to grab your leg and drag you to hell when you drive past. it has messed me up ever since, haha...
10. RED. LOBSTER. BISCUITS. ....that is all.

thank you, cliff!!!!!!
and a very happy no shame december to you!!