shameless loves, by bethani

things that bethani loves
{but really probably shouldn't}
1. enjoying a cup of sleepytime tea anytime of day. even for breakfast. 
2. feeling & acting like i’m at a nightclub while jamming out to lmfao’s party rock cd in the car
3. already making a christmas décor plan.  i mean paper chains don’t make themselves.
4. eating anything that contains peppermint, just because it makes it feel like christmas is coming quicker.
5. feeling like a total nerd when buying armloads of used books at the bookstore.
6. laughing hysterically while watching the cats chase the laser pointer. it never gets old.
7. watching countless reruns of criminal minds.
8. wearing my loafers every day. even if they don’t really go with my outfit.
9. putting flavored lipgloss on just to lick it off.  
10. hoping and praying for more snow this winter. Please oh please!

thank you, bethani!
who says you can't celebrate no shame december?