when what you've eaten for a weekend has consisted of three lenny's bagels, a frozen tofu burrito, and a slice of koronet pizza, it is only appropriate to top it all off with a schnitzel,
as you enjoy the corner of the universe that can take down any suburban christmas-crapped lawn in a battle of i have more ridiculous christmas shit than you...
actually, this just occurred to me: does anyone remember that 90s kidsongs show or whatever where the kids shrink and then ride an ornament {or a sleigh} into the insides of a christmas tree?
well, i do, and that's exactly how it felt.  
justit h8ed it. 
but that's what happens when you're 100% vegetarian in a german restaurant.
i thought it was deeeelicious! the spaetzle nubbins were big and doughy and buttery, just how i like em. and the paprika sauce is exactly like kuhn's, in illinois. it made me even more excited to go home for the holidays and have a mum and me schnitzel. 
the schnitzel {i got chickens} was yummy. maybe not yummy enough to come here when it isn't christmas time, but still tasty.
this is what happens with a slow shutter speed and the ability to turn your head on the axis of your left eye. idk.
anyways, i am realllly into the christmas vibe right now.
my schedule is color coded with christmas colors,
my tree is doing mighty fine,
and oh yeah i'm jewish.