marzipan cookies, trombones, etc.

yesterday included two of my favorite holiday things:
marzipan cookies and the annual trombone choir holiday performance.
and then i got to experience my very first office holiday party!
it had sushi, so i was impressed. but more importantly it had pigs in blankets {!!!} and fried mac and cheese. i would have spent even more time by the pigs and blankets, but there was no mustard, so i felt a little awkward. 
my marzipan cookies were a success, methinks. i basically used this recipe {minus the peanut butter, with a little more real butter in its place, and with a little almond extract} and then i added a thin layer of marzipan over the top. oh, they were scrumptious! i am really enjoying this #mollymariamarzipanfestival
{i am also enjoying my new hand mixer. 
i feel as though i can conquer the world now.}
p.s. you should all go see new dances
it is the most fun dance performance i ever seen.
p.p.s. the we bought a zoo soundtrack is what's playing right now
 and i recommend you play it too.
yay, trombones!!