honk honk sugar

one day i will stop pretending like life after hong kong
doesn't exist. but today is not that day. today i am dreaming
of black sesame gelato that is rich but not too sweet,
that is a little bit smokey and filled with full black sesame seeds,
and that makes you pray you won't immediately run into maestro or your kindergarten best friend and her entire family {that actually might have happened} before you have time to floss, 
lest you have a massive black speck in your teeth.
...and i am also reminiscing over the egg custards 
that cost the equivalent of about 50 cents,
that i ate on a boat. that were extremely eggy tasting.
and, of course, the little cake from ms. b's that was 
worth every bit of the embarrassing amount that i spent on it.
{it is not every day that a boutique cake shop has a vertical 
garden on the exterior.}
the sweets that i ate in honk honk were never too sweet.
they always kept their distinct flavor.
even their 16 handles equivalent {where i got 
blueberry mochi on black sesame, almond, and taro yogurt}
kept it's tasty integrity. 
it was subtle... and fascinating...

sweet places i lurved:
xtc gelato: marry me, black sesame gelato
australia dairy company: sweet warm {almondy??} egg custard
ms. b's cakery: go, if even just to look and drool