the annual dumplings of the world festival

the festival started at sunrise,
with a bacon + egg + gruyère version of these cornish pasties.
from there it was uphill into a mess of doughy outrageousness.
the barbecue carrot buns,
spätzle + brussel sprouts,
and samosas
were the tastiest.
and after those i vowed never to eat anything every again...
until the pierogi came out and all bets were off.
accompanied by marshmallow peppermint martinis?
oh yes, please.
repeat that last step until we realize that 
we've completely forgotten about the black sesame mochi. oops!
oh but it was a very successful festival indeed...
complete with four puppy sous chefs,
old ice skating videos,
and stoopie's face breaking out in a glorious rash!
{but p.s. utter the words "soup dumpling" and i might vom.}