you may call me lily briscoe

 montauk, montauk, montauk, montauk,
each in a different accent, never wanting to stop, someone kindly have it cease. eventually a battle of chicago versus long island broke out, but then of course as the choo choo passed easthampton, mohntawk trumped maantaak. it reminded me of all of the campers and certain family members and it made me miss my nasal a.
there is something very sad about those few moments after all of the fall leaves have fallen and before the holiday season has begun. but we beat them with bike rides, croissants, and decreasing the saturation on our photos so that bland looks like it was meant. and leaf crunching! oh, yes, and of course visiting the lighthouse... i'd like to hop in my delorean and meet a lighthouse keeper and ask him what he likes to cook and if he ever gets lonesome. it seems like a lonesome job.
oh, by the way, can you play the piano and open clams?