shameless loves, by vanessa

things that vanessa loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. looking in the mirror after taking a shower and thinking, “if you are what you eat, i must be eating some sexy food,” then going to kitchen and eating a donut
2. making a double batch of cookie dough because i know i’ll eat half of it before it gets baked
3. spending 5+ hours in my room claiming to do homework, when i’m actually looking up random recipes
4. not washing my hair more than 3 times a week (i get to 4 or 5 some weeks!)
5. not coming out to the parents, but getting socks and making a hat that are obviously gay and bisexual pride colors and wearing them proudly
6. not shaving for 2+ weeks because it's winter and i’m wearing pants and t-shirts
7. getting a bag of whoopie pies and being told to share them with others…and eating them all myself :)
8. saying “i love you” to my boyfriend on the phone while my disapproving mother listens
9. being vegetarian in a very carnivorous family

thank you, vanessa!
and a very happy no shame november to you!