shameless loves, by meghan

things that meghan loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. wearing leggings every day of the week. (being eight months pregnant might be an excuse in itself, but no shame november gives me full confidence that this “fashion statement” is acceptable.)
2. eating mcdonald’s for dinner—or breakfast, or lunch—whenever i darn well feel like it.
3. watching marathons of disney movies made for tweens, like high school musical, she's the man and sky high.
4. skipping a shower or two when i don’t feel like getting my lazy butt out of bed in the morning. (extra deodorant does the trick!)
5. sneaking my cat into the bedroom when fiancé’s asleep and letting him sleep on my side.  
6. a monstrous bowl of ice cream at the end of a hard day—or an easy day. (growing babies need their calcium!)

thank you, meghan!
and a very happy no shame november to you!