arthur avenue

in fleeing the city and the crowd of marathon runners and their cheerleaders this weekend, i found myself in the bronx. specifically, on arthur avenue, experiencing a bit of italy for my carby-loving pleasures. i experienced my first mozzarella en carozza {most easily identified as a deep fried grilled cheese} and was introduced to a lovely savoiardi cookie. i tracked down some cavatelli and mini gnocchi, and entertained the idea of purchasing an espresso maker. and then before i knew it, i was at the other end of little italy and it wasn't even lunch number two time. it made me a little sad that it went by so quickly... so i went down to the village to sockerbit and cheered up with little sweets that have cute names like smultron ponny and sura blåbärsbitar. 
oh, and for the official record, i did not get butt boosting jeans.