two stoops on a stoop

you will not get a real answer if you ask us why we're called stoop. instead you will get a set of guidelines for calling us stoop...long story short, you can't. no offense, it's just that when there are two people that go by the same exact absurd nickname in one room, and anyone besides those two are using that nickname, things get confusing. especially when stoop and stoop have the same voice and weight and seemingly the same age. no, we are not twins, and no, i am not older. stoop is older and sillier and has like one third of the sensor that i do {scary, indeed}. so, anyways, we do this thing where stoop and i go around sitting on stoops to produce photos called two stoops on a stoop. this is one, 
it was taken this weekend in williamsburg on north 6th or something.