i have a favourite bar snack and it is the
cheese + onions + crackers {with mustard} 
at mcsorley's. there is something refreshing about onions when you're drinking dark beer, and *ohmygah* that mustard is by far the strongest mustard i have ever had. ever. ten times the hotness of amora, i'm serious. 
when i was 12 and experienced new york for the first time, with my dad, we stumbled upon mcsorley's. "oh hey, this is the place where all of my friends went after concerts... but i wasn't old enough so i was left out," he said, as he dragged me in to see the saw dust on the floor and old pictures on the wall.
and then last night after my cheese and crackers i thought: what if timedimension didn't exist? what if a 12-year-old me came teetering out of mcsorley's into that sunny october day to find present-day me standing on the curb and laughing with rob? would i say hi to the 22-year-old me, who by this time, having gone back to unwaxed eyebrows, minimal facepaint, and the same ponytail that i was wearing on that day ten years ago, would be absolutely unmistakeable? would the fact that 22-year-old me was in new york confuse me? why wasn't i in evanston or boston? why on earth does my bag say juilliard?
do you have any tattoos? she'd maybe say.
no, i'd answer.
is stoop married yet?
why does your breath smell like that?
i--you--eat onions now.
what else do you eat now?
oh right, still no bananas or mushrooms.
what about spinach?
love it. 
*guffawwww* what is your job?
you'll find out.
do you ever go on a date with--
GO. you're about to experience zabar's for the first time. you'll love it.
bye, geezer
bye, doofus head.