it was one of those stuff-yourself-full-with-every-bit-of-tastiness-and-happiness-that-you-can-manage type of weekend. you know, the kind that involves six types of pie, a ramones onesy, and that cowgirl-themed baby shower you always wanted to go to. and by six types of pie, i mean seven, because stoop got crack pie. i got a bagel bomb and we called it a day. actually no we didn't because then we ate tacos and spaetzle and oysters, too. it was one of those weekends where each thing i ate, i thought it was the best thing i'd ever eaten. but then i ate the next thing, and that only got better. "one of each dessert," he said! always a good idea. {and the best is yet to come...} but it wasn't all food: there were flea markets and silk tops and sunnies as well. beautiful walks, a beer garden, babies, political banter, book presents, and three sets of sisters! why, oh why, must we shed our weekend warrior shields and badges? stoopie and company, come back!