sad popcorn ballz

it was noted yesterday that i had been lacking in my unofficial position as office candy bowl filler upper. maybe if people would just pay me the suggested cost of one limerick per piece, this problem wouldn't be happening. but i am nary a hunter. 
and so i made the seasonal and informed decision to make:
popcorn balls!!!
only somewhere along the way, about 75% of my poppy corn got all burnt. and by the time i realized i'd have to discard it, the candy thermometer had reached 230 degrees and mr. needle wasn't stoppin. so quickly i scanned my kitchen to see what i could candy. candied ramen noodles? candied licorice? candied spatula? eureka {!!!}: candied peanuts!
they'd be like the nuts for nuts nuts!
so i dumped them in, along with the salvaged, unburnt popcorn, and voila!
a stick sweet peanut brittle dental hygienic nightmare.

{thank you to paula deen's popcorn ball recipe}