cue the huey lewis

on friday i put on spandex pants and frye boots, got out the old d&g light blue, and smeared on that makeup that comes in bright sets of like a hundred colors. then jaclyn picked me up, and we went to the high school football game. 
hi, nostalgialand.
i clapped to the fight song, 
discussed the world with my old teachers, 
visited steak and shake afterwards...
 {usual: small fries more salt honey mustard 
kiddie shake i don't want my cherry} 
there might as well have been a delorean waiting in the lot to give me a lift home. the only difference this time around was that the football team was actually winning.
{oh, and i wasn't in a band uniform... but you didn't hear that from me...}
you'd have thought it was cool for a 22-year-old to be surrounded by high schoolers on a friday night.