ramen cupcakes...

happened by mistake,
after the ramen gnocchi recipe in lucky peach [issue 1]
ruined my blender.
*shakes fist in the direction of the east village*
the ramen gnocchi recipe involves cooking the noodles in milk,
and then blendering them all up with egg yolks to form a pasty
substance that can be piped into gnocchi shapes.
{then the gnocchi shapes are boiled and sauteed in butter 
and tossed with herbies}
one batch came out, and of course it was good, 
it was ramen in butter:
but so when my pretty green blender threw in the towel
{mid-blend of batch number two}
in to the cupcake tins they went, along with the remaining herbs.
the result was quiche-like,
something like a quiche that yr gramma would serve at a ladies' luncheon. 
but with a hint of what your stoned roommate is eating.
i don't really know if i would recommend trying this at home.
it's really... not worth it. except for if you want amusing reactions from the people in the twitters when you tweet: ramen cupcakes.