lovers reunited

a summer without the schnitzel truck
is like anything without mustard.
it is a little scary and i never want to do it again.
we finally reunited yesterday and i got something newish: 
eggplant schnitzel 
with spicy mayo 
and we embraced each other i ate it on the high line.
which was perfect, because the high line has great benches, and enough of them*
*one day i'll discuss my extensive knowledge of benches, because i have one. 
my mom can attest to it. 
and can i confess something? before that i'd never had eggplant.
well, maybe i have and it was mixed with something and i just didn't know it. 
but this was the first time i ordered an eggplant-focused thing
and it was so great! 
and not just because animal babies weren't killed in the process,
but also because it had a sweet yummy taste and a new texture i've never before met in a schnitzel.
schnitzel truck, i missed you so much omg

p.s. on the subject of schnitzel {story of my life}: here is a little piece i wrote about a new israeli schnitzel place that is launching this weekend