good things come in small sticky packages from across the pond

sam is one of those people that knows exactly what you're thinking when it's 4am and you find a stray frozen pizza lurking around on the maazel farm
duh, let's make it and eat it under this blanket fort that we've just made. 
and then let's go visit the zonkey 
and climb on the hay stacks until daytime. 
{sam + me + a fly swatter + a fish bowl, summer 2009}

...such events make sam worthy of a special, special place in my heart. a place that can only be trumped by the gift of a little honey-coated parcel arriving on my desk from cornwall!
and it is no joke. like, i'm eating it with a fork right now, imagining that i'm cornish. the seeds have a really great, meaty texture, and the taste is quite mild {with just a sparkle of hotness}. 
i can't wait to pile this on to everything.
thank you, sam!!!!
oh. and as if this wasn't reason enough that sam is killer, he is in 
an oompah band that plays ricky martin and michael jackson covers.