:: today ::

today i woke up in a large clean bed with cool clean sheets and scurried up to get ready for a bike ride. i rode my bike {zoom zoom} past the yummy-smelling pastry stand, past the site of my favorite taco truck, and in to central park. there i rode one big loop, all around the park. it was crowded and i almost bumped in to people. 

after returning from my bike ride, i cleansed and exfoliated. i dried and dressed. and then fixed myself a berry + chocolate yogurt smoothie and a small cup of strong coffee. while the coffee cooled, i enjoyed my smoothie with a baked blueberry oatmeal circle that i made yesterday. after that i cleaned a bit, drank my coffee, applied some powder and mascara, and then packed my basket for work. in my basket, i packed my: wallet, keys, lunch, green cardigan, flower mug, spectacles, cell phone, dark lip balm, and minty lip gloss. 

during my ride through riverside park on my way to work, i spotted a trio of puli dogs and thought, before i saw those puli dogs, it would have been nearly impossible for the day to get better. and then i saw the puli dogs and it did! i smiled and continued on to work, where i enjoyed a lovely lunch with a few of my very favorite people. for lunch i had: quinoa with flax seeds and vegetables, whole grain crackers with a rag tag homemade version of zingerman's carrot top spread, and a tangerine. it was delightful. as was my day at work. as was my time spent with my people after work. as was now. 

as was... now.