all i want for my blog's birthday is a cupcake that was nary frozen

and a levain cookie with a scoop of ice cream on top.
and a roma tomato...
napoletana pizza, 
gouda cheese,
and a quinoa salad would be nice.
maybe also a whole grain, a fresh vegetable, and a berry as well?
today my blog is two.
and in typical narcissistic blog mommy fashion,
the only thing that is on my mind is food that is not dining hall food. but since it's my blog, it's probably on my blog's mind, too. it screams,
molly, blog about good food! not crunchy bagel cream cheese shit!
i'm going crazy here, people. there's a half empty box of chips ahoy sitting in front of me. and as much as i hope and wish and dream, those cookies ain't turning into levain.
happy birthday, mister blog!