i runned it

in middle school i ran a 14-minute mile and my p.e. teacher laughed at me and instead of being sad about it i accepted that i would never be one of those cool runner track sprinter cross country kids. {it was ok i had marimbas?} the excuses i'd give: my legs are too stumpy, it's so soooo boring, biking is cooler. still i felt a little uneasy about the fact that i'd never run a marathon or be able to have a low maintenance workout, one that didn't necessitate a mat or a wheel. so anyways, i don't know if it's the mountain air or my slow movement towards geezerdom, but i miraculously and rather suddenly love running now and today i proved it by running my very first race!!!! i ran the camp run 4 fun. all 1.8 miles of it. i didn't even come in dead last... i came in second to last! and it was favorite times, number pinned on my belly and everything.

boston marathon, get at me.