the flaky bagel crunch {a step-by-step d.i.y.}

breakfast is really sad here. it's like... plain bagel, cereal, plain bagel, scoop of egg, plain bagel, plain bagel, maybe a scone. if you're not creative, you'll be sadder than the youngest camper the night after visiting day. luckily my co-counselor melissa has introduced me to the flaky bagel crunch, which is giving me so much culinary excitement right now. and it's not just camp good, it's real-life good. i think. it's sweet, texturally complex, and very comforting... so put on the reveille, apply the bug spray and give this a go:
1. after morning line-up, speed walk into the dining hall before your campers get there to claim one of the few bowls of frosted flakes. also, grab a cream cheese and half a bagel {but those aren't as hot a commodity, so don't stress}.
hi, co-counselor melissa!
2. apply the cream cheese to the bagel. and give your bagel a little pinch... you've hit the jackpot if it's pillowy soft. 
3. sprinkle on just enough frosted flakes to make one even layer. 
 4. and...enjoy! prepare yourself for an emotional beating from your campers for eating such a silly thing. combat this by making them one, because they will fall instantly in love.