the camp food pyramid

{smiley face salad says cheerio!}
things i would kill for a fresh herb right now:
-a unicorn
-three sea monsters
-twelve zombies
{i only picked fictional things because i don't like killing, but the point is, do you know how sad a tomato is without its basil?} i'll keep the kvetching to a minimum though because it is actually quite easy to eat healthily in the dining hall. all it takes is one glance at the meatloaf and you've never seen me hightail it to a salad bar faster. i'm averaging a zillion oranges a day, and broccoli has somehow wiggled its way into my liking/accepting. what really keeps me from starving though is the spray can cheese and wendy's. the spray can cheese because it is not a camp experience until you have it hidden in your bunk and the wendy's because it is around the corner from the bar library that the staff members go to late at night. by far the best culinary experience is on special days when my campers have cooking class! today they made me hamentashen and i don't think i have ever been more desperate for a homemade somethin somethin. oh, it was so good, it was levain good. there's a rumor they're making ice cream soon. i can't wait!

...but seriously, who will help me plant an herb garden near the rock wall?