when life gives you a sack of flour, bake a bunch of shit!

today was one of the more perfecter of days.
it began with a pretztival of small pretzels,
big pretzels, pretzel nubbins...
chili pepper, cinnamon sugar,
brown sugar, dijon, thyme, rosemary!!
oh it was such a joy. 
what is it about the pretzel shape that is just so giggle-worthy?
for all of these pretzels i used this recipe.
for the cinnamon sugar and brown sugar dijon nubbins,
i added the flavorings after the boiling bath.
and they were so tasty!
and then i had a craving for focaccia. 
so i made focaccia.
and i let it rise for like a million hours because
guess what!! i acquired a bike for while i'm at home!! {thanks, marshy :}
so i went for a bike ride and it wasn't until i was 
taking a break out on a dock {oh hayyy summer}, 
watching breadstick-shaped clouds go by that i realized
i still had bread arisin! so i zoomed back, and put it in the oven.
and then for dinners i used it to make the ultimate summer sandwich
which is the official name for a sandwich of:
fresh mozzarella + tomatoes + peppers + fresh basil
and for dessert i had a cake pop!
cake pops are way harder to make than bakerella makes it seem.
they kept falling apart during the dipping step.
{the broken ones, as mum and i decided, would be called
eyjafjallajökull. the education element made us feel better
about our failings}
but it's ok because they fall apart in your mouth anywho :)
boy, i'm full!
baking and biking?! what a great day. and now, television!!!