on the road: first stop, zingerman's!

1. zing!!
2. always judge a specialty store by its mustard selection
3. mum + ann arbor's second first greatest attraction: mr. rob knopper, ladies and gentleman!
4. i don't know
5. rob and i are in a pickle
6. possibly even better than our sandwiches, the pretzel and carrot top snackee we got for the road!

mum and i drove a hundred million billion zillion gazillion miles today. we are currently a frisbee throw's distance away from niagara falls! we made it so that zingerman's and rob would be on our way and it was so great. everything is so fresh and everyone is so friendly there. by far the best part is that you can sample anything in the store that you want. even the ibericos and the banyuls and the taza chocolates, like whoa. my favorites were the local strawbees with balsamic and the carrot top hummus. and the magic brownies and the mac & cheese. and the pickles and the pesto and the hot chocolate cake... oh yeah, that is why i feel barfy right now... oh well anyways, this place made me really happy.