look at all this sushi that i made!
i've been in the kitchen all day long,
makin sushi rice,
chopping veggies,
and watching anime listening to iron & wine.
i made enough sushi for like a million people for dinner for three. 
it's like one of those things where you get on a roll
and you just can't stop. hehe. roll. like sushi roll. get it?
i had the entire day to sush {v.}, so i started with the rice,
and used this recipe. which i doubled, because there is no
such thing as too much sushi rice. 
 is there anything better than freshly made sushi rice?
yes! and it's freshly made tamago atop of freshly made sushi rice:
say hi, little tamago friends!
tamago always has been and always will be my favorite sushi. 
even though stoopie always makes fun of me because she says that
it's sushi for beginners since it's not dead.
i used this recipe for it. instead of a tamago pan,
i used a large thin square pan and multiplied the recipe by 1 2/3.
the largeness and thinness of the pan made for lots of itsy bitsy layers. 
ooh and i used rice vinegar instead of mirin. 
it was so soooo delicious and sweet and refreshing!!
the sushi rolls i made were:
veggie {cukes + carrots + avocado}
eggie {tamago + cukes + carrots}
kimchi {kimchi}
the spicy fatso {avocado + sriracha mayo}
the peppery slut {scallion + red pepper + sriracha mayo}
the jody special {kimchi + cukes + sriracha mayo}
the italian stallion {scallions + red peppers + tofu}
in my sushi restaurant, there are no fishies!!!
i whipped up some toasted onigiri filled with refreshing kimchi. 
onigiri are non-photogenic little suckers. but they real good.
mum steamed up some dumplings!
and for dessert...
red velvet mochi ice cream ballz
yes, they're as good as they sound.
this is the recipe that i used. it is a little scary because
the measurements are in grams... i kind of half-assly converted it,
but since the ratios are easy i just used:
1/4 cup sweet rice flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 water
and when it says cornstarch as needed it really means 
coat your entire kitchen in cornstarch because if you don't you're fucked.
fresh mochi is so sticky. but so worth it.
after i patted it out, i filled it with ben and jerry's 
red velvet cake ice cream!!! it has little chunks of red velvet cake 
and cream cheese frosting swirlies in it. not exactly japanese,
i know. but amazing. fresh mochi isn't as chewy as the one from the store.
it's light and sweet and gooey. you want to make this right now. conquer the sticky.
 so the good thing about this is that there is now enough sushi
in the fridge to feed me for about a year. 
wanna come over and eat some?
you can bring the sake.