wiener world

{because heaven only knows who will end up here based on that title...}
 on sunday i went to the meathook and looked at the cute little sausages waving to me from behind the counter and proceeded to adopt one of each. they so cute.
 and then i carried my sausages cross the bridge and up the island and into my little yellow apartment where i cooked them up and ate them.
it was a lot of fun and, for lack of a term that is more privy to our times, it was a sausage fest. 
i got six types: ramp, banh mi, bacon cheeseburger, the long dong bud, boerwors, and italian. 
and in order from favorite to even more favorite, they were...
tied for second place: all of them except for the long dong bud
first place: the long dong bud
it has jalapenos and cheese in it! and, ok, i think i am not a very good sausage cooker because what i am used to comes frozen in the package and also who has a barbecue in manhattan? but so basically i just threw them all in a pan with some evoo and watched them spit and brown and then was scared that i'd get e coli so i cooked the living daylights out of them and maybe i cooked them too long. the long dong bud had no choice but to be juicy because of the cheese oozing out of it, but the others, i think would have been better, had i had better weeny cooking technique. but still, they were really really good. and silly.
 oh, and yeah, i served them with a few mustards:
honey & whiskey
chilli & vodka
ginger & wasabi
amora dijon