summer on the upper west side

the upper west side just got its very own 16 handles.
how exciting!
i went there today, my last day in the city for, like, ever.
{not ever, just a few months}
and because one cake-flavored yogurt is nary enough,
i got two: red velvet and birthday.
does birthday cake taste different from vanilla cake?
do studies show that people are more likely to buy 
something called birthday than something called vanilla?
does the flavor birthday cake only exist in non-cake things,
such as lip gloss and yogurt? because my birthday cake is usually red velvet...
i guess we'll never care enough to know. 
i got the birthday and the red velvet and then for even more refreshment 
i threw in a dab of mint chocolate. 
and then i made a mental agenda for the order of my bites:
1. birthday + brownie nubbins
2. birthday + sprinkles + gummi bears, my old time fave
3. birthday + rainbow cookie {am i right that i would be surprised to find this combination in a store anywhere outside of manhattan?}
4. crunch thing with the weird name
5. red velvet by its lonesome
6. finish her off with some chocolate + strawbees almost worked, but then it was like a hundred million degrees out and it melted to a puddle around step 3.
but it was so good.
ok. time to return to packing.